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Why Do You Get Stretch Marks from Weight Loss?

While it may seem counter intuitive to get stretch marks when you lose weight, the cause is fundamentally the same as marks from gaining weight. When you lose or gain weight quickly, the change in body shape causes excess pulling on your skin. The middle layers of skin — known as the dermis — are strained and eventually tear as a result of the stretching. These tears appear on the skin as red or purple stripes and are what we know as stretch marks.

So how can you prevent stretch marks from weight loss? Losing weight is often a healthy life decision, so you should not let the fear of stretch marks deter you from meeting your weight goals. In order to avoid those red or purple marks when losing weight, you should keep your skin as moisturized as possible. Prevention creams (such as those made for pregnancy) can also be used for weight loss. These creams will hydrate the skin and increase their elasticity, decreasing the likelihood of stretch marks during the weight loss process.

If you already have stretch marks from weight loss, there are things you can do for treatment. Stretch mark creams are a cost-effective way to reduce the appearance of those stripes. These creams work by plumping up the top layers of skin to firm and tighten the skin, normalize skin discoloration, and smooth the skin’s texture. Other people choose laser treatments or surgery to fade and eliminate their scars. These treatment options are more expensive but provide faster results.

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