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How to fade bicep stretch marks

Updated January 11, 2021

Man doing a bicep curl exercise

Bicep stretch marks

Starting a new workout routine can lead to many changes in your body. Most of them are positive 一 reaching your fitness goals, seeing physical improvements, etc 一 but you may be surprised to find one negative side effect. As you work out and increase in size, you might see red or purple stripes show up along your chest or biceps. These stretch marks are just a sign that your body is growing quickly!

Bicep stretch marks are caused by excess strain being placed on the skin on your arms. As your body becomes stronger and your muscles grow, so does the skin on your arms. If you are growing too quickly, your skin is stretched beyond its capacity and the lower layers begin to tear. These tears, if left untreated, can scar and fade to white or silver.

Purple bicep stretch marks

Newer, purple stretch marks are easier to fade than older ones. These tears have not yet scared, and are much more responsive to treatment methods like stretch mark creams. Though you might associate stretch mark removal creams with pregnancy, they are just as effective at fading other kinds of stretch marks. These creams work by increasing the collagen in your skin and plumping up the upper layers, which visibly reduces the appearance of those lower layer tears.

White bicep stretch marks

If you have older, whiter stretch marks, no need to worry! Just because they are slightly more resistant to treatment, doesn’t mean that you cannot fade their appearance. Stretch mark creams can still fade older stretch marks by making the uppermost layers of skin less translucent, and thus reducing the appearance of those stripes.