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Underarm Stretch Marks

Stretch marks may be visible on certain areas of the skin, including on your underarms. Although stretch marks are often associated with pregnancy, it may not be the only trigger. There are other common factors that lead to stretch marks.

Good hydration, a vitamin and mineral enriched diet, and exercise help you maintain good skin, without the appearance of any stretch marks. These marks are not only pinkish, they can be darker in color and look more like scars. In most cases, underarm stretch marks resemble skin cracks and become white or silver over time. All marks are easily noticeable when you fold your arms.

Who Gets Underarm Stretch Marks?

A frequent cause of stretch marks for many people is obesity or weight gain. The amount and size of stretch marks that appear on your underarms is usually a result of rapid weight gain in a short time period.

When the skin is dehydrated, the resulting effect is a less elastic skin. You can reduce the severity of underarm stretch marks by drinking plenty of water to provide adequate hydration to your skin. Fluid intake improves your tissue quality and health to make your stretch marks less noticeable.

Stretch marks also appear if you do not have a good blood circulation system. Experts recommend massaging with olive oil and coconut oil to relieve the affected area for promoting good circulation. This remedy fixes broken tissues and improves your skin appearance.

How to Take Care of Underarm Stretch Marks?

People, who have flabby arms, are likely to encounter unpleasant stretch marks on their shoulders and underarms. Not just hydration but exercise also makes these marks less prominent.

Take up some form of exercise to tone your muscles. Regular weight lifting and cardio workouts are great for relieving affected underarms.

Stretch marks in all areas of your body, including the underarms, are also reduced by consuming a vitamin enriched diet. Make sure you include plenty of good sources of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. You should also ask your doctor to prescribe you a zinc supplement for supporting good tissue growth. This also prevents the skin from forming stretch marks in the future.

Since rapid weight gain majorly contributes to the appearance of stretch marks in your armpits, make sure you monitor your BMI and incorporate healthy food choices in your diet. A good diet coupled with a regular fitness program leads to significant improvement in the quality and tone of your skin.

Bottom Line

You can also benefit from a variety of creams, moisturizers and products that relieve stretch marks. Make sure you perform an allergy test by applying a small amount of product on a tiny area of your underarm skin.

Olive and almond oil are popular home remedies to help you get rid of stubborn marks. In worst cases, you can opt for light or laser therapies and chemical peels for results. Remember that there are no instant results when dealing with this troublesome issue. All results depend on the severity of your affected skin and the kind of treatment you are using to treat old or recent stretch marks.

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