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Are the Stretch Marks on My Arms Normal?

Do you have stretch marks on your arms? Is their appearance making you feel uncomfortable? Are you scared that they might be indicating the presence of some other serious illness? You should rest assured because in most cases, stretch marks are only stretch marks – they are not an indication of some serious illness. Their …

Types & Locations

What Is Causing Stretch Marks on My Back?

Stretch marks can appear on various parts of the body. The common areas that are affected are buttocks, breasts, abdomen, underarms, and hips. However, in some cases, stretch marks can also appear on your back. Let’s take a look at what might may cause stretch marks on your back. Stretch Marks on Back First, stretch …

Types & Locations

The Different Colors and Stages of Stretch Marks

If you know the basics of stretch marks, you should also know that they can be of different colors. Their color usually tells you their age and severity. Before going into the details of their colors and stages, it is important for you to understand that different people can define colors differently (hint: the golden/white …

Types & Locations

Where Do Stretch Marks Usually Appear on the Body?

Stretch marks can appear in many different places on your body. Fortunately, they don’t appear on your face, which means it is not impossible or that difficult to hide them. However, if you are attempting to look hot to that special person, swimming in the pool or spending time on the beach, it can be …

Fade Bicep Stretch Marks
Bodybuilding Types & Locations

How to Fade Bicep Stretch Marks

Bicep Stretch Marks Starting a new workout routine can lead to many changes in your body. Most of them are positive 一 reaching your fitness goals, seeing physical improvements, etc 一 but you may be surprised to find one negative side effect. As you workout and increase in size, you might see red or purple …

Pregnancy Types & Locations

How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks on Breasts

When most people think of pregnancy stretch marks, they think of marks covering the stomach. However, the belly is not the only place that is susceptible to the “tiger stripes.” Many women find that they have stretch marks on their breasts from their rapid growth. These can be exceptionally annoying because they are more difficult …