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Stretch Marks on the Buttocks

The term stretch marks, or striae, refers to the dermatological or cosmetic problem. They mostly appear on the belly, shoulders, arms and legs. But it is not uncommon to find these unpleasant marks around your buttocks.

Women are more likely to experience these troubling marks on the buttocks but there are also cases of men or teenagers who have reported the occurrence of these marks, especially at the time of puberty.

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle or consume high amounts of toxins and steroids are also vulnerable to stretch marks on the buttocks. Individuals with a fair skin report red or pink marks whereas people who have a darker complexion may have marks of varying colors or tones.

Why do stretch marks occur on the buttocks?

It is quite embarrassing to flaunt your body at the beach or wear your favorite bikini if you have stubborn and old stretch marks on your buttocks. While mostly associated with pregnancy, sudden weight gain and lack of exercise, stretch marks could also be a result of weight lifting and body building. Obesity, genetics and topical steroid ointments can also play a major part in worsening your stretch marks.

When the skin is overstretched, collagen fibers that keep the connective tissues together get damaged. Collagen is a name given to the proteins in the dermis. Moreover, elastin also gets damaged owing to the overstretching of your skin. As the epidermis or the upper layer of the skin gets overstretched to a great extent, it becomes translucent to make stretch marks more visible on the top layer of your skin.

Some people also observe stretch marks on the buttocks region if there is an added increase in the cortisol level in the body.

How to Treat Stretch Marks on Buttocks?

One of the most popular and convenient ways to cure stretch marks on the buttocks is to keep the affected area well hydrated. But nothing treats these ugly marks like rigorous exercise and a good diet.

Make sure you are consuming a vitamin rich diet. Incorporate healthy food choices and good sources of Vitamin E, C and Vitamin A.

As collagen production is greatly boosted by Vitamin C, make sure you ask your doctor for a supplement as well as include citrus fruits in your diet. Moreover, Vitamin E and Vitamin A also boost the healing capabilities of the skin to support good elasticity.

It is important that you avoid gaining excessive weight, even if you are pregnant. A healthy weight and a well-toned body leave no room for stretch marks. Make sure you stick to a good diet and consume plenty of fluids for diminishing the appearance of ugly stretch marks.

Final Thoughts

Anti-stretch mark lotions, creams and oils are capable to reduce the appearance of these marks on your buttocks. Other popular treatments include fractional laser and pulsed-dye laser are proven ways to cure stretch marks. If you have stubborn or old stretch marks, you can successfully treat them with microdermabrasion. However, the results may vary according to your skin tone and the age of your stretch marks.

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