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Stretch Marks on the Belly

Stretch marks usually appear due to a sudden gain in weight. They are likely to surround the area around your hips and belly. As your body continues to accumulate more fat, the skin is unable to keep up with the pace of growth, which lead to tears in the deeper layers and streaks appearing on the surface. Stretch marks on the belly also appear because of pregnancy.

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate stretch marks, there are many treatments that can reduce their appearance. Weight loss and reducing belly fat in particular help attain a better looking belly area that is free of any scars or marks.
What causes Stretch Marks on your Belly?

A few common triggers of belly stretch marks include:

• Pregnancy
• Rapid growth due to puberty
• Body building
• Sudden weight gain
• Use of steroids due to a medical condition

Although stretch marks are harmless, some people report itchiness and redness in the affected area. Other factors that play a crucial role in worsening the appearance of these marks include the Ehlers-Danos syndrome, diabetes and the Cushing’s disease. A few medications such as steroids, hormone therapies and cortisone creams also lead to the appearance of stretch marks.

You might want to get in touch with your doctor if you believe your stretch marks are not due to weight gain or body building. Whether you are a new mommy or a fitness enthusiast, nobody likes to flaunt ugly belly stretch marks.

How to Treat Stretch Marks on Your Belly?

Thanks to a plethora of treatments and home remedies, you no longer have to be embarrassed. Stretch marks have affected the self-confidence of many people. You can choose a reliable cream, lotion or oil for massaging on your belly area.

You also opt for other treatment methods such as laser therapy and microdermabrasion to get rid of unsightly marks on your belly. Make sure you do not end up buying a cheap or fake product that has little effect on eliminating stubborn scars. Tretinoin and shea butter creams as well as bitter almond oil are the safest methods of reducing stretch marks.

People who don’t want to stain their sheets or clothes can use these products right after a shower, before you get dressed.

You should prevent the formation of stretch marks by limiting your intake of refined sugar and saturated fats. Replace these choices with lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits.
If you perform 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, thrice a week, you can reap many benefits of a good exercise program. Make sure you warm up before each session and cool down for at least five minutes once you are done.

Bottom Line

Pregnancy related belly stretch marks fade away over time and turn into fine lines closer to your skin tone. However, you can improve the quality and appearance of your belly with the help of photothermolysis lasers and microdermabrasion which are proven ways to diminish newer and older stretch marks. Depending on the appearance and color of your stretch marks, your doctor might examine their appearance and order for urine, blood or even imaging tests.

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