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Stretch Marks on Stomach

Striae or stretch marks are a form of skin scarring that is mostly associated with pregnancy, puberty, obesity and rapid weight gain from physical activities such as body building. Stretch marks appear when the dermis is stretched more than it can naturally tolerate. As a result, connective fibers in the skin gradually break and disrupt the production of collagen to cause scarring.

Typically, stretch marks appear in the form of bands of parallel lines. These lines range from purple to pink and even white, if they are old. As you touch these marks, you may feel a slight ridge on your skin. In a few cases, these marks feel sore or itchy.

Although stretch marks can appear anywhere on your body, such as the shoulders, buttocks and even the legs, they are especially common on the stomach area. In women, these marks usually appear after or even during pregnancy. They also appear when an adolescent is reaching puberty. Growth spurts during puberty make it unable for the skin to keep up with the body’s increasing growth rate.

Why Do Stretch Marks Appear On The Stomach?

Here are a few common factors of stretch marks on the stomach.


It is observed that people who have a darker complexion are less vulnerable to stretch marks.


Apart from pregnancy, another reason why women are more likely to develop stretch marks on their stomach is due to their genetic make-up.

Weight loss and weight gain:

A fluctuating weight also results in belly stretch marks.


Rapid development of muscle mass may stretch the skin beyond its limits.


Constant use of topical or oral corticosteroids, which is a popular pharmaceutical steroid compound, also results in the formation of stretch marks.

These marks can reach up to your breasts, upper arms and even shoulders.

How To Cure Stretch Marks On Your Stomach?

There are plenty of advanced creams, lotions and oils that specifically relieve belly stretch marks. The most common and accessible way to diminish their appearance is to massage the affected area with some quality oil such as olive oil. You can also apply a self-tanning lotion to make them less visible. Cocoa butter is popular for its anti-aging effects. Thanks to its healing properties, you can also use it to treat old or new stretch marks. Make sure the products you use also have a significant amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

We know there is no fixed way to cure stretch marks completely and the results may vary. However, by consuming a well-balanced diet, partaking in regular exercise, and using a good quality moisturizer you can help diminish their appearance.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations as stretch marks on the stomach area may be tricky. It takes significant time to reduce their appearance, especially if they have become old. In worst cases, you may opt for a surgery to get rid of these unwanted scars completely.

Bottom Line

Treating stretch marks on stomach may require some time and effort. However, you can get the best results by using treatments such as such as creams, microdermabrasion and laser therapy for correcting stubborn stretch marks.

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