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Where Do Stretch Marks Usually Appear?

Updated January 11, 2021

Woman touching her neck

Stretch marks can appear in many different places on your body. Fortunately, they don’t appear on your face, which means it is not impossible or that difficult to hide them. However, if you are attempting to look hot to that special person, swimming in the pool or spending time on the beach, it can be difficult to keep cover. Let’s take a look at what parts of the body are most prone to stretch marks.


Stretch marks are more commonly prevalent on the belly. Their favorite season to show up on your belly is when you are pregnant, which means women are the target. Other reasons for stretch marks to appear on the belly could be obesity. When there is so much fat on your belly that your skin can’t support it, you develop stretch marks. Keep in mind that this much belly fat can hint towards other serious physical conditions.

Therefore, avoid belly fat as much as you can. As for pregnancy stretch marks, the best steps you can take are to try to stay fit and eat healthy – you have to take care of your skin so that your stretch marks may disappear gradually.


These stretch marks are most common among bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders focus on their upper body more than they do on the lower. The increase in chest size, biceps, triceps, etc. puts pressure on the skin in this region. As a result of this, stretch marks appear on your underarms. They usually appear at the forward-facing side of the underarm i.e. extending from underarms to your chest. They can also occur on the backside of your underarms. It’s interesting that many bodybuilders see them as a sign of their accomplishment while others would rather avoid them appearing.


Stretch marks on the buttocks are usually a sign of you having a lot of fat in that area. It might not necessarily be related to bodybuilding or pregnancy, but just that you have excess fat in the region. These scars are usually pale in color and appear on the outer sides of your buttocks. Your buttocks are like your belly i.e. they don’t move much during most of the common exercises, so getting rid of fat in this area can be tricky.


They can appear above, on the sides or all around the breasts. In most cases, they appear on the area above the breasts because that’s where the skin is being stretched the most. You should not fear these stretch marks—they don’t mean anything serious. In fact, their appearance could be welcome news for some women because they hint at the increasing size of their breasts. These marks are sometimes referred to as puberty marks for this reason.


Stretch marks in this area are more common on the inner thighs. They usually appear as a result of weight gain or growth spurts. However, these stretch marks are the easiest ones to hide. In addition to weight gain due to certain eating habits, these stretch marks can be common in pregnant women as well.

In a nutshell, you could say that pregnancy is the time when women are more prone to stretch marks. While belly seems to be the obvious target, pregnancy stretch marks can appear on breasts and thighs as well because a woman’s body is going through tremendous changes during that time.