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Stretch marks on shoulders

Updated January 7, 2021

Woman in yoga pose

Who gets stretch marks on shoulders?

Lack of exercise and a poor diet can lead to stretch marks on the shoulders and arms, but bodybuilders are also likely to get stretch marks on their shoulders. These athletes are more commonly affected since they experience a quick expansion of muscle tissue.

It is easier to take care of stretch marks that appear on the skin surrounding your belly area due to pregnancy or sudden weight gain. Curing these unpleasant marks in the shoulder area is tricky. Hydration, exercise, and good vitamin intake can help you relieve stretch marks, not just from your tummy, but also the shoulder area.

Using a moisturizer or a prevention cream can result in healthy-looking skin and a good physique. Bodybuilders and weight lifters should take special care to prevent stretch marks as it does not take much mass to tear the skin, particularly when they have not taken any precautions to prevent them in the first place.

But women are also likely to suffer from these marks on their armpits and shoulders. Even if you have failed to prevent their formation, you can make them less visible by using commercial or homemade creams. Massaging with oils also make them appear less visible unless you are a pregnant woman or someone who is building muscle mass.

It is important to stick to a healthy lifestyle so as not to worsen your affected skin. Make sure you get enrolled in a fitness program and look for healthier recipes to make your skin look fit and toned. Usually harmless, stretch marks typically don’t cause itching. However, some people complain of itchy skin owing to stretch marks.

How to prevent stretch marks on shoulders

Here are a few proven ways you can prevent and reduce stretch marks.

• Consume vitamin and mineral supplements. Adequate intake of vitamin A and E help to add more elasticity as well as enhance collagen production in your skin. This helps prevent the formation of permanent stretch marks.

• Add more zinc to your diet. Consume foods rich in zinc such as wheat germ, liver, fish, oysters, eggs and cereal. Regular consumption of zinc relieves stretched skin.

• In the worst cases, you can also benefit from laser therapy or get surgery to correct stretch marks.

In the end

You can take care of stretch marks on your shoulders with stretch mark creams or medical treatments to fade stretch marks over time. Skin peeling, microdermabrasion, and exfoliation are just some of the other options to get rid of these unwanted marks.

The resulting outcome depends on the age of your stretch marks as well as the quality of your skin. Aloe vera and cocoa butter are also popular options to treat recent or old stretch marks.