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Stretch Mark Factors

Updated January 11, 2021

Woman lying down

The harmlessness of stretch marks might somewhat prevent you from fearing them, but you still want to keep away from them as much as possible. If you are an outgoing person who likes spend time at the beach and in swimming pools, you want to stay away from stretch marks so you can wear a swimsuit without the worry of hiding them. In their severest form, stretch marks can be quite unsightly, which in turn can make you lose your confidence in certain situations. Whether you are a man or a woman, take a look at the factors that make you prone to stretch marks.

Factors that make you prone to stretch marks


Unfortunately, some things can happen to you even when it is not your fault. You can’t avoid puberty no matter how hard you try. When you are about to hit puberty, your body is going through some extraordinary growth and hormonal changes. These hormonal changes can make your skin prone to many other conditions than stretch marks e.g. acne.


This is yet another factor that’s inevitable. When you age, your skin loses its freshness and elasticity. The effect of aging is that your skin starts to lose collagen—the protein that gives your skin its firmness and integrity. Think of your skin without collagen as dry paper i.e. a little pulling force will rip it. The lost elasticity of the skin causes the stretch marks to appear on the surface. The rip marks are not on the surface of your skin but in the dermis, the inner layer of your skin.


It should be clear to you by now why pregnancy would cause stretch marks. When your belly stretches, it rips the dermis, which is why stretch marks are more common during the last trimester. In some races, the proneness to the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women is as high as 90%.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the factors that you can control if you want to. The accumulation of fat deposits in your body when you become overweight or obese puts excessive pressure on the skin. When the pressure is too much for the skin to take, it ruptures and the stretch marks begin to appear.


As saddening as it may sound, a healthy activity like bodybuilding can make you prone to stretch marks too. Lifting weight pumps your muscles but does not help your skin in any way. The pumped muscles put pressure on the skin and stretch marks appear as a result of that.


Stretch marks can be a mystery at times. Genetics affect your proneness to getting them but the exact factors that cause this are unknown. If you are someone with a dark complexion, your chances of developing stretch marks are high. People with light complexion are less prone to them. If your mother has stretch marks, keep your fingers crossed and avoid things that raise the chances of getting these unsightly scars.

There is an entire market of creams and lotions that revolves around treatments to get rid of stretch marks. Some people prefer home remedies and some leave their stretch marks as is. In the end, you should keep away from trying out any creams and lotions to treat them unless you have done proper research.