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Five misconceptions about stretch marks

Updated January 7, 2021

Woman with the sun on her face

Stretch marks are among the most pervasive skin conditions around the world, which makes them a huge market for companies that sell skin-care supplements and cosmetic items. These companies can tell you a lot of things that are nothing but a way to instill fear and compel you to buy their products.

Furthermore, people like to make and spread their opinions about stretch marks after experiencing them. You don’t have to trust every piece of information you get from the internet or your friends or skincare companies. Take a look at these 5 misconceptions about stretch marks and stop believing them today.

1. Stretch marks are topical

Just so you end up buying their creams and lotions, many companies will push you into believing that stretch marks are a topical condition, but that’s not true. Stretch marks appear on the dermis, the inner layer of your skin. They have nothing to do with the top layer of your skin, which is called the epidermis. Applying things on the top layer will not improve the appearance of stretch marks. You can, however, improve the overall health of your skin to heal stretch marks faster.

2. Stretch marks stay forever

This is half true. Stretch marks can stay forever but they do fade away with time. If a purple stretch mark appears on your belly today, it will not remain the same after two years. While it may still be visible after two years, it will have faded significantly by that time. In fact, sometimes they lighten so much that you can claim that they have just disappeared.

3. Stretch marks are only caused by obesity

You could be the fittest person in your family and still have stretch marks. While obesity increases the chances of having stretch marks, it is not their only cause. Pregnancy remains the biggest culprit of all. Your quick growth at the time of puberty can also result in stretch marks. Unfortunately, your genetics can also be the cause of these unsightly scars on your skin.

4. There is no escaping stretch marks

Due to the fact that a majority of women (nearly 90%) get stretch marks, many people have come to the conclusion that stretch marks are inescapable. That’s far from the truth. People focus too much on maintaining their fitness and avoiding weight gain to keep stretch marks away all the while forgetting that it’s their skin that needs attention the most. Even an obese person who has healthy skin can prevent stretch marks from appearing. More of the story: people with healthy skin can escape stretch marks.

5. There is no cure for stretch marks

Let’s call spade a spade here. It would be wrong to say that there is no cure for stretch marks. A more valid statement would be “there is no ‘instant’ cure for stretch marks”. Topical creams and lotions, natural home remedies, proper diet, etc. are all various methods to help you treat your stretch marks, but none of them is an instant solution.

They will quicken the skin healing process and help stretch marks fade away faster, but if you think your stretch marks will disappear magically right after applying that cream you bought from the internet, the answer is no.