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Can stretch marks go untreated?

Updated January 7, 2021

Group of women posing

Different people have different takes on stretch marks. Those who prize the fairness and fineness of their skin can go into a panic mode to treat them while some people choose to ignore them. Irrespective of which group you belong to, it remains a point of curiosity for everyone to know whether stretch marks will go away or not.

One of the reasons people ask this question is that they are trying to avoid using creams, lotions, or other treatments that claim to cure these harmless scars. As clichéd as this answer may sound to you, there is no “yes” or “no” answer to the question.

However, the following information can help you and put an end to your curiosity.

The “go away” and “fade away” issue

One of the things worrying millions of men and women with stretch marks is the “go away” and “fade away” confusion. When marketers take advantage of the interchangeability of these two terms, they give rise to a misconception.

Will they fade away with time? The answer is yes. Will they go away eventually? The answer is maybe. No matter what caused stretch marks to appear on your body, they will fade away with time. In some cases, they fade away so much that it’s like you never had them. However, sometimes, you are not that lucky.

Is disappointment the only option?

No, it is not just disappointment. If they can fade away to the point of disappearing, how about you expedite the fade-away process?

Topical lotions and creams are some of the common treatments that people all over the world try for getting rid of stretch marks. You should try those treatments, not to get rid of stretch marks, but to quicken the fade-away process. If patience is not one of your virtues, you could try other treatments like laser therapy, chemical peels, and exfoliation.

Factors that can affect longevity of stretch marks

How long your stretch marks stay visible on your skin also depends on how bad they are. The darker and more prominent the stretch marks are, the more time they will take before fading away considerably. Of course, their appearance depends on how badly your skin has ruptured. If a certain activity is causing stretch marks on your skin, you should avoid it before the situation worsens. Your skin type can also contribute to how long your stretch marks stay. Dry skin is prone to ripping and thus the stretch marks are more prominent and will take more time to go away.

Prevention is the best cure

If you don’t have any stretch marks on your body, you are one of the lucky few, and you should make sure they don’t appear. Resilient and healthy skin will not rupture quickly and is hence less prone to stretch marks. You should maintain an active lifestyle to avoid weight gain. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid foods that increase the chances of breakouts. You have a good chance of getting rid of your stretch marks when you have healthy skin because even if it rips and stretch marks appear, it will heal at a faster rate than unhealthy skin.

Should you leave them untreated?

It depends on you. Your choice of undergoing treatment to speed up the fade-away process depends on how much they bother you. Leaving them untreated is not a solution. That said, treatment is not always an absolute solution. In the end, they are going to live with you for some time. You just have to decide how long you can put up with them.