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Are the stretch marks on my arms normal?

Updated January 7, 2021

Woman doing an arm stretch

Do you have stretch marks on your arms? Is their appearance making you feel uncomfortable? Are you scared that they might be indicating the presence of some other serious illness? You should rest assured because in most cases, stretch marks are only stretch marks – they are not an indication of some serious illness. Their appearance on your arms should be taken as lightly as on any other part of the body.

What do stretch marks look like on arms?

When it comes to stretch marks on arms, they mostly appear on the triceps. They appear perpendicular to the triceps and can be in the form of a cluster of lines. If they are fresh, you will notice them as red, purple or even blackish to some extent. However, if they seem pale and white to you, it is a sign that they have been there for quite some time and you have just noticed them.

Who gets stretch marks on arms?

Anyone can develop stretch marks on their arms. There is no distinction between men and women, i.e., stretch marks don’t like to discriminate between genders. However, you can say that they have something against bodybuilders. It is usually the bodybuilders (male or female) who develop stretch marks on their arms. The reason of their appearance on bodybuilders’ arms is the growth of their muscles. When the muscles become massive and put pressure on the dermis, they cause it to rip.

Obesity can also bring stretch marks with it. In the case of obesity, it is fat that ruptures the dermis. New stretch marks can continue to appear if you don’t change your lifestyle and stop gaining weight.

How to treat stretch marks on arms

There are standard treatments for stretch marks that people use all around the world. These treatments help your skin heal faster and thus cause the stretch marks to go away quickly. There is no instant vanishing though. Despite the best treatments, your stretch marks can take months to fade and completely go away.

Numerous topical creams and lotions can help your skin heal faster. Laser and light therapies can also help you get rid of stretch marks more quickly. Doctors use a particular type of laser called the pulsed dye laser to treat stretch marks. Keep in mind that there are still no instant results, despite the laser treatment.

Almond oil and olive oil are great homemade remedies. Turmeric, cocoa powder, aloe vera, and coconut milk are some of the other most common ingredients used in home remedies for stretch marks.

Care is always better than cure, and that’s why it makes more sense to keep your skin properly hydrated and well-fed to avoid the appearance of stretch marks in the first place. By well-fed, it means that you should have a nutrient-rich diet and avoid foods that affect the health of your skin negatively. In the end, if your stretch marks don’t bother you that much, you don’t have to spend your money on treating them because they tend to fade away partially over time.