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Abdominal stretch marks

Updated January 7, 2021

Women doing yoga poses

Everyone wants a magic cream to make stretch marks disappear. These marks appear as lines, scars, or grooves on any area of the body, particularly on the abdomen. These marks are not just limited to pregnant women. Obese individuals, bodybuilders, or people who have experienced sudden weight gain are also victims. Using quality products, lotions and oils make sure these marks fade away over time.

Stretch marks usually appear when you start to gain weight without any reason and within a short period of time. Since your body grows too quickly; the skin is unable to stretch enough to keep up with the changes. As the skin stretches and there is not enough collagen the marks begin to appear.

There are other factors that trigger abdominal stretch marks such as:

• Pregnancy
• Rapid weight gain
• Bodybuilding
• Consumption of steroids due to any medical condition can lead to the development of stretch marks
• Genetic diseases that weaken skin fibers to cause abnormal growth

How to cure abdominal stretch marks

There are many ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Creams with tretinoin (Retin-A) greatly prevent the formation of new stretch marks. They are incredibly helpful for treating itchy or red skin. When you apply these creams to pink or recent marks, you can successfully treat them without experiencing any side effects.

Lupin seed extracts and StriVectin-SD boost the production of collagen in your skin. However, more work is required before they are successful treatments to prevent stretch marks completely.

Centella asiatica boosts cells in the body that produce collagen and promote good skin tissue. It is also used for speeding up recovery in case you have a wound injury. It is one of the most effective creams for treating abdominal stretch marks.

According to a study, massaging bitter almond oil into the abdominal skin helps reduce the appearance of stubborn and old stretch marks. You can also use olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and other moisturizers. All-natural creams and moisturizers can keep your skin abdominal skin softer and prevent the formation of these marks in the future.

Other ways to treat abdominal stretch marks

In the worst cases, you may need to get in touch with a qualified plastic surgeon or a skin doctor to treat your stretch marks.

One of the most popular ways to correct these marks is through laser therapy. Pulsed dye laser is a painless discharge of light that is ideally used for treating recent and red stretch marks. The light’s energy soothes blood vessels under the skin that could lead to stretch marks formation.

Another popular treatment to cure white or old stretch marks is Fractional CO2 laser therapy. Results have shown impressive improvements in women’s abdominal stretch marks after just five sessions.

Microdermabrasion also reduces the appearance of red and pink stretch marks. Moreover, cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck also takes care of stretch marks but can leave the patients with visible scars.