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Stretch Marks 101

Shoulder blades closeup image

What causes stretch marks on my back?

Stretch marks on the back can be common among boys during puberty years. Bodies grow significantly during this time, resulting in overstretching of the dermis.

2 min read

Three women hanging out at the spa

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks look like discoloration of the skin but in the form of streaks or stripes, hence they are considered a type of scarring.

2 min read

Woman lounging at spa

How to deal with stretch marks

Once stretch marks appear, they can’t simply go away. However, the good news is that you can improve the appearance of stretch marks and blend these to the surrounding skin.

6 min read

Row of women showing their legs

Stretch marks on legs

You can’t completely reverse the appearance of stubborn stretch marks, but you can prevent them from spreading to affect your legs and thighs.

2 min read

Man lifting a barbell with weights

Stretch mark removal for men

While stretch marks are more common for women, approximately 25% of men will get stretch marks at some point in their life.

2 min read

Woman holding pregnant stomach on couch

How to get rid of abdominal striae

Once stretch marks appear on your abdominal region, you may not be able to make them disappear forever. However, you may be able to minimize their appearance.

4 min read