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How Rapid Weight Gain Causes Stretch Marks

Gaining weight happens. Sometimes unexpectedly, definitely because of pregnancy and more often than not, during a bodybuilding journey. Weight gain, for whatever reason, can result in tiger-like scars appearing on the body. These delicate scares are more commonly known as stretch marks. They can appear red. They can appear flesh-colored. They can even take on a silver type of appearance. And they happen when our bodies gain weight, whether that be during pregnancy, bodybuilding or during and after natural weight gain.

But what process allows stretch marks to appear on our bodies? Collagen and elastin are two very important proteins in our bodies that help maintain our skin’s structure and elasticity. When rapid weight gain occurs, these two proteins are weakened, and they can’t keep up with the sudden changes. Because the skin’s structure is compromised and isn’t as stable, it stretches as the body grows, and causes stretch marks.

But there are ways to nurture a changing body and prevent or treat stretch marks.

    Keep skin hydrated. Many soaps are more drying than they are nourishing for skin, so keep this in mind and choose ones with essential vitamins and hydrating ingredients. Keeping skin moisturized is a key step in maintaining its structure and stability, especially during weight gain.

    Give your skin the nutrients it needs and begin a skincare regimen specifically for stretch marks. TriLastin offers a full line of skincare products that prevent and treat stretch marks.

    To speed up stretch mark treatment, try the HT (Hydro-Thermal Accelerator) gel paired with the SR Stretch Mark cream. Together, they deliver key ingredients through sustained-release technology, and when used consistently for 90 days, deliver amazing stretch-mark fading results!

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