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How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks on Breasts

When most people think of pregnancy stretch marks, they think of marks covering the stomach. However, the belly is not the only place that is susceptible to the “tiger stripes.” Many women find that they have stretch marks on their breasts from their rapid growth. These can be exceptionally annoying because they are more difficult to cover with clothing.

Breast stretch marks are not any different than stretch marks elsewhere on the body. They are formed because of excess strain being placed on the skin as your body rapidly grows. During pregnancy, changes in hormones alter the elasticity of your skin. This change causes small tears in the middle layers of skin which appear on your body as red or purple stripes. If the strain continues, these tears will scar and change from red to silvery white. Once the marks reach this scarred stage, they become more resistant to treatment. After pregnancy, your breasts may remain enlarged if you decide to breastfeed. If your chest continues to be stretched beyond its usual capacity, your stretch marks will likely remain.

Fresh, red stretch marks are the easiest to treat. These marks have not yet become permanent and are more likely to respond to creams, oils, or lasers. Stretch mark creams are a cost effective solution for fading the appearance of stripes on the chest. These creams work by plumping up the upper layers of skin, reducing the harshness of visible stretch marks. A slightly more expensive option is laser treatments. The lasers will target the upper-middle layers of skin in an attempt to replace the torn skin with fresh, smooth skin. Either of these options will aid in reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts after pregnancy.

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