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Do Stretch Marks Fade With Weight Loss

do stretch marks fade with weight loss

Information About Stretch Mark Fading

Stretch marks are a common occurrence after rapid weight gain. In an ideal world, when that weight is lost, those stretch marks would fade as well. However, even after the weight is gone, those unsightly stripes tend to remain. This is because stretch marks are not just a surface skin issue — the problem actually extends deep into the middle layers of skin. Whether or not your stretch marks will fade with weight loss depends on how fresh or recent they are.

Skin is made up of many different layers. When you gain weight quickly, you stretch your skin excessively, causing tears in the middle layers. This is when many people begin to see red “tiger stripes” appear on their body. These tears, if left under continued strain, will scar. Scarred stretch marks appear silvery or white and are much harder to treat than red marks, even once the weight is lost.

Fade Recent Stretch Marks

If your stretch marks are still red or purple, there’s a chance that your stretch marks may fade with weight loss. As your skin resumes its pre-weight gain shape, the pulling that was causing the marks is eliminated. If the stretch marks were recent and red, then they will likely slowly disappear.

Fade Older Stretch Marks

Stretch marks that are silver or white tend to have a more difficult time reducing in appearance after weight loss. These stretch marks have actually scarred beneath the surface of your skin. This means that even though the pulling on your skin from weight gain has stopped, the scars will persist. However, there are still treatments you can try to reduce the appearance of the stripes on your skin post-weight loss. Laser treatments and stretch mark creams have both been proven effective at diminishing the harsh appearance of stretch marks on skin.

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