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Do Stretch Marks Fade After Pregnancy

Stretch marks are a common occurrence during pregnancy. In fact, 90% of women will experience these red or purple lines at some point over the course of those 9 months, especially during the last trimester. For some women, stretch marks are a badge of honor for what their body went through to create life. For others, they are a source of anxiety and self confidence issues. No opinion is wrong, but for those who are self conscious, they may find themselves wondering if those tiger stripes will fade after pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the short answer is probably not. Stretch marks, or straie gravidarum, occur due to the overstretching of skin during pregnancy. When your body changes and adapts over the course of 9 months, excess strain is placed on the skin causing small tears in the dermis layers of skin. These tears are what appear on the skin as those red and purple stripes. If left untreated, they will scar and fade to a more silvery white.

So if the skin is no longer being stretched after pregnancy, why don’t the marks go away? Think of it like a crumpled piece of paper. Even if you spread the sheet back to its original position, the folds and marks don’t disappear. It’s similar with stretch marks. After pregnancy, when your body reverts back to its usual shape, those tears in the lower layers of the skin don’t automatically heal. You may see some fading due less stretching of the skin, but those tears will likely not completely fade.

There is good news though! Fading stretch marks after pregnancy is possible through a number of different ways. Laser treatments, tummy tucks, and stretch mark creams are all choices that can give you the stretch mark free skin you once had. Depending on your budget and your desired time frame, one of these options may stick out to you. Regardless of what you choice, you can feel at ease knowing that you can fade your stretch marks after your pregnancy.

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