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Bodybuilding and Stretch Marks – They Love Each Other

It is quite common for bodybuilders to develop stretch marks unexpectedly. Most bodybuilders don’t have skin-related issues in mind when they start lifting weights. However, they are among the unfortunate groups of people highly prone to developing these unsightly scars on their skin. If you are a dedicated bodybuilder reading this, you might want to …

Fade Bicep Stretch Marks
Bodybuilding Types & Locations

How to Fade Bicep Stretch Marks

Bicep Stretch Marks Starting a new workout routine can lead to many changes in your body. Most of them are positive 一 reaching your fitness goals, seeing physical improvements, etc 一 but you may be surprised to find one negative side effect. As you workout and increase in size, you might see red or purple …


Stretch Mark Removal for Men

While stretch marks are more common for women, approximately 25% of men will get stretch marks at some point in their life. For men, this can be even more emotionally distressing because they feel that this is a “women’s problem” associated with pregnancy. However, stretch marks can appear on men for a variety of reasons: …