Can You Avoid Stretch Marks from Pregnancy

It’s no secret that your body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Stretch marks are often an unwanted accompaniment to those 9 months, with 90% of women experiencing tiger stripes at some point during their pregnancy. Change in body size, as well as the fluctuation of hormones, can cause your skin to stretch beyond its elasticity, which results in stretch marks.

To avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, you first must understand what causes them. As your belly (and the rest of your body) grows, skin is pulled. This causes small tears in the middle layers of the skin, which result in those purple or red marks that you see. Even after pregnancy, these marks can remain, though they will likely fade to silver or white scars. Genetics also play a major factor in whether or not you will have stretch marks over the course of your pregnancy.

The best way to avoid these pregnancy stretch marks is to prevent them. Using a daily moisturizer specifically designed to combat stretch marks is the best way to keep your skin smooth and supple throughout your pregnancy. Maternity stretch mark creams are designed to increase skin’s elasticity and provide much needed moisture. Moisturized skin is much more resistant to those tiger stripes than dry skin. Plus, these creams have the added bonus of relieving that itchiness that comes with the strain on your skin.

The short answer is: yes, it is possible to avoid stretch marks from pregnancy. To do so, you must be vigilant in applying your stretch mark prevention cream. You should always remember that every body is different, and stretch marks may inevitably appear as you get into your later trimesters. These “tiger stripes” are nothing to be ashamed of, and they are always treatable.

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