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Armpit Stretch Marks

Stretch marks take place when the skin is stretched by rapid weight gain. Although the skin is elastic, it stretches when the normal production of collagen is perturbed. These marks are merely partial tears in the skin which appear like scars. They can be from red to purple early on but can fade to a more pale color, as you age.

Stretch marks are common among bodybuilders and weight lifters who experience these unpleasant marks, owing to rapid weight gain. Since the skin is overstretched because of the growth from muscle hypertrophy, the common areas where stretch marks appear other than the belly are your shoulders, arms and armpits. These marks are also common among obese individuals whose skin is stretched from the additional buildup of adipose tissue that expands radically.

Who can get Stretch marks in armpits?

These marks can trouble an obese growing child and also an adult who is weight lifting or body building. Puberty is another trigger for stretch marks since it is the time when most of the growth takes place. The marks appear when there is a surge in testosterone as this is the time when your child grows bigger, wider and taller.

However, it is also fairly common to come across adults over 40 to complain about the appearance of these unpleasant marks in the armpits. This happens since the hormones levels are not as same as before. Lack of exercise, obesity and sudden weight gain also trigger stretch marks in the underarms.

How to treat Armpit Stretch Marks?

There are plenty of methods to reduce the severity of ugly stretch marks. You can easily find a great moisturizer or cream that is especially manufactured to treat the affected area. Look for products that include cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and shea butter. All such creams lubricate the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Many people have reported positive results after applying quality and tested products. Other topical treatments include the use of fruit acids, olive oil, castor oil and seaweed wraps.

Another great way to diminish stretch marks is to benefit from a chemical peel that features glycolic acid. Your doctor cleanses the affected area before applying the chemical solution. This method promotes skin regeneration and results in better looking armpits.

In worst cases, you may need to turn to surgery for correcting stretch marks in your armpits. Other methods such as laser therapy and microdermabrasion are also helpful for treating underarm stretch marks and do not cause any side effects. Elasticity has a crucial role in how these marks form. This is why beauty experts recommend microdermabrasion for successfully removing stretch marks. The process works on the affected area as fine crystals stimulates collagen and elastin to help you get rid of stretch marks in the under arms.

Final Thoughts

Self-tanners are also helpful to cover up stretch marks. For immediate results, you can use body make up to hide away stretch marks, especially if they appear in the armpits.

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