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Stretch Mark Creams

Given that stretch marks are scars, is there anything a cream can actually do to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks? The answer is yes. There are numerous stretch mark products available, however they fall into one of two categories: Stretch ...

Prescription Medications and Stretch Marks

Cause When individuals take steroids either topically or in high doses of the ingestible version for an extended period of time this can thin the dermis causing tears that form stretch marks.

Basic Facts About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks don’t pose a health risk but can be cosmetically unappealing Stretch marks are permanent Early treatment is key to softening appearance of stretch marks Overstretched skin has limited ability to retract Almost all pregnantwomen ...

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks appear when the dermis or elastic middle layer of skin is stretched and literally tears. This is the area of the skin that allows it to retain its shape. The ongoing stretching, most typical in pregnancy, weight gain and bodybuilding, ...

Article from First genetic study of stretch marks

23andMe, the leading personal genetics company, has conducted the first genetic study of striae distensae (stretch marks). Researchers at the company identified four genetic markers significantly associated with the development of stretch marks ...

Stretch Marks: You’re Not Alone

When people first notice that they have stretch marks, they generally feel isolated and embarrassed because of what they consider to be an unusual problem. However, stretch marks are actually quite normal. That being said, there is no shame in trying ...

Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks—A Good Option?

With a variety of surgical, over-the-counter, and prescription treatments available for the removal of stretch marks, there is a lot of confusion about which methods are worth trying. While laser treatment is not the most accessible option, it does ...

Interview with Rovenia Brock, Ph.D. “Dr. Ro” on Nutrition, Fitness & Skin Health

With her strong media presence and enthusiastic spirit, health expert “Dr. Ro” ( is dedicated to getting Americans of all ages healthier and happier. recently asked Dr. Brock about how fitness relates to ...

Stretch Mark Cream Rating Sites: Can You Believe Them?

This is a real pet peeve of mine—so-called “Product Rating Websites“. You do a search for “stretch marks” for example. You see a website listed at the top of the results (an advertised paid position) that says something ...

Start a New Health Regimen with These Tips from the Pros

Making simple lifestyle changes can lead to phenomenal improvements in overall health, especially skin health. Stretch marks are less apt to appear prominently on a body that is well hydrated and cared for with proper nutrients, physical activity ...

Sleep-Natural Beauty & Health Enhancer to Help Prevent Stretch Marks

How does sleep enhance skin health and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks? How does sleep affect hormones that trigger stretch marks? How many hours sleep should I get? What can I do to guarantee a good night’s sleep? How does sleep ...

Genetics and Stretch Marks: Why the Deck May Already Be Stacked Against You

Highlights What Are Stretch Marks? Why Do Stretch Marks Form? Are Stretch Marks Inevitable? Genes are responsible for so much. From the color of your hair to the health of your heart, heredity plays an incredible role in determining your future. ...

The Mediterranean Diet-Enhancing Skin Health

Highlights: How does the Mediterranean Diet improve skin health and help prevent stretch marks? Why is the Mediterranean Diet a Healthy Lifestyle Choice? What foods and drinks make up the MediterraneanDiet? What experts have to say about the Mediterranean ...

Growing Teens, Tweens and Stretch Marks

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